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    Runtime Platform


    I have written a script in Python for my PC and I now want it to run on my N70 aswell taking advantge of the S60 user interface. I know the S60 extensions are not available on the PC. How can the check what platform it is running on before executing some code such as "import appuifw"?



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    Re: Runtime Platform

    If you want to know the name of the os, you could do this:
    import platform
    print platform.system()
    This will return 'Symbian' on the phone and 'Windows' on the PC (assuming you're using Windows, of course).

    Another technique is to try to import appuifw and if it fails, you're most likely not on Symbian:
        import appuifw
        print "On Symbian"
    except ImportError:
        print "Not on Symbian"

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