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Thread: VOIP on C3-01

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    VOIP on C3-01

    Had high expectations after getting C3-01 (Australia). After all it is one of the few phones to have quad band 3G, which is very important in Aus. I spent many hours configuring this phone. VOIP via WLAN is brilliant - it allows cheap calls via my VOIP SP when connected to any WLAN in the world! HOWEVER - what is SO frustrating - VOIP does not work via 3G on this phone! This would make it nearly unbeatable (at this price). Of course the Apple iPhone 4 does EVERYTHING, but it costs 5 times as much. NOKIA - please make the above a feature available in the next OS upgrade!

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    Re: VOIP on C3-01

    You might have better luck on getting your voice heard if you contact Nokia directly, http://europe.nokia.com/support/contact-us

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