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    Transferring company to other person


    Does ovi allow to change the company location to other country? I have plan to continue partnership with new person and and the person is located in other country. Currently, I am Cp Manager and the new person will be Cp manager. We are planning to keep same information as much as possible just need to transfer existing assets to new company in new country. Is there any legal issues with this that I have signed ? I saw in the account settings I can change all information but not the country, looks to me country is not editable. Ovi told me I can do that but don't see the way to change it.
    Can anybody tell his experience or can Ovi people answer it?

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    Re: Transferring company to other person

    from a purely legal reason, they cant bar you from it.

    IMHO, sending them an email to publishtoovi.support should do the trick.
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