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Thread: uids for Qt app

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    uids for Qt app

    When I developed symbian c++ application, before publishing I received from Ovi set of 5 UIDs. I used only one.
    Now I want to submit another application, now it is Qt application,
    can I take new UID from these 5 I already have, or for Qt app there should be another range and I have to request Ovi support for new ones?

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    Re: uids for Qt app

    The division between Symbian C++ and Qt applications is artificial and in most cases irrelevant.
    • Qt applications built for Symbian are ... Symbian applications, like any other.
    • They must have an UID (actually all apps have more than one but let's not go into details), like any other.
    • They must be deployed as SIS files, like any other.
    • They must be packaged with Smart Installer ... well, this is a bit special

    Bottom line: there are no dedicated UIDs for Qt apps, just use one of the remaining UIDs
    -- Lucian

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    Re: uids for Qt app

    ok, thanks.
    I just wanted to be sure. ..a bit afraid to get application rejected because of this and wait another 1-2 months ;-)

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