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    Unhappy Mask problems on N8


    I have been trying to get this example code working on the N8.


    It basically allows you to rub through a layer on top to show an image below.

    On the N97 the code (and example) work as expected but on the N8 there's artifacts left behind. The interesting part is that when you turn your screen off and back on (eg lock phone) the artifacts disappear and it works as expected.

    I've tried a few tricks to trigger redrawing of the screen but none have resolved the issue. Does anyone know if there's a workaround for this issue or is it a bug we're stuck with?

    I've attached a screenshot of what the example SWF from the tutorial does on the N8.

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    Re: Mask problems on N8

    Hi kbcool,
    I did some test and able to reproduce the error (100%) with AS 2 as well as AS 3 on N8 (Flash Lite 4). It clearly looks like a bug and i dont think there is any such API in flash which can call a native redraw of screen. As an alternative, i can suggest you to use BitmapData, it MAY solves this issue. One of a discussion which may helps you is :
    Flash Scratch Ticket
    or may be google search lead to some ready made recipes which save your time of writing a class yourself.

    Best Regards,
    Sajid Ali Anjum

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    Re: Mask problems on N8


    It looks like bitmapdata doesn't have the same problems based on playing with it.

    Thanks for the tip.

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