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    ListView contentY problem


    In my QML app I have a ListView populated from a model. Each delegate in the ListView is a button which moves you to a new screen. I save the ListView’s contentY property so that when the user moves back, he/she can be at the same point in the list as when he left it.

    The problem is that, if this point is some way down the list, there is a pause to move there, because the ListView instantiates each delegate until that point is reached.

    In a list with many delegates this causes a noticeable slow-down.

    I guess this happens because the system doesn’t know what height each delegate is, so it has to instantiate each one to figure out which delegate is at the given Y co-ordinate.

    Is there a way round this? e.g. to specify a fixed height for each delegate? Or to give delegates a way to return their height without instantiating themselves (Cocoa Touch’s ListView equivalent, I forget what it is called, offers both of these).


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    Re: ListView contentY problem

    did you tried with the index property instead of contentY ?
    Also, you can switch view but keep the listview in the background (set opacity to 0), therefore having it stay at the current Y position

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    Re: ListView contentY problem

    This problem was solved by positioning the ListView using the positionViewAtIndex method. The ListView snaps to the index instantly instead of rendering all previous list items.

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