there's no error on my program.. the problem in the number of the sender will not define.. i dont know where is the problem...

here's my code
import messaging
import inbox
import time
import contacts
import appuifw
import sys

box = inbox.Inbox(inbox.EInbox)

def any(string1, string2):
        for i in range(len(string2)-1):
            if string1.find(string2[1:1+1])>-1:
                return True
        return False

def autoreply(messageID):
    sender = box.address(messageID)
    text = box.content(messageID)
    if not any(sender, "0123456789"):
        db =
        firstName = sender.split(" ")[0]
        lastName = sender.split(" ")[-1]
        contactList = db.find(firstName)
        for contact in contactList:
                except IndexError:
                                phoneNumber = sender
                                reply = u"Thank You For Texting me"
                                print 'Sending: "'+reply+'" to '+phoneNumber
                                messaging.sms_send(phoneNumber, reply)
                                appuifw.note(u"Message Sent")


for example the sender name is admin ramos.
i accept the messege and it will print sending: thank you for texting me admin ramos
then the program will automatically send to admin ramos.
but the admin ramos can't accept the message...

then when i see on the sent items >> message details
To:ramos admin<ramos admin>

the number can't identify...

i think the message details must equal to
To: ramos admin <THE NUMBER OF THE SENDER>

please help me guys.....