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    Post Internet Explorer

    Whilst I am serving the Net I sometimes have a certain problem that occurs. In the top left hand corner of the browser are three arrows pointing left, down and right that allows one to access previous webpages that have been visited. One can click on the left pointing arrow to go through previously accessed webpages one by one. Or click the downward pointing arrow to list some the the previously accessed webpages. At some point the number of previously visited webpages is reduced to just one only allowing me to backtrack to the very previous webpage visited to the one I am currently on. Why does this happen ? I hope I haven't made this problem sound too complicated. I do tend to prattle on aimlessly. Any idead will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Internet Explorer

    Nokia Developers web site is for mobile device develolpment and Web TV is for watching televisions on Smart Phones we do not have any expertise in Windows or watching videos on Windows.


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