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    Thank you so much for a fantastic template. The look and feel of the app is extraordinary.

    I have configured the app completely for my requirement. I just have a small doubt. In the localizedTextStrings.js file I tried doing the modifications for the version control. I updated both the text file url for version check and saved it as version.txt and in the widget download url I mentioned the name of the widget.

    Everytime i invoke the widget is connects to the server and checks the file, but does not download the updated version. I think I did not mention the necessary details in the version.txt file. Can you please tell me the exact content that should be mentioned in the version.txt so that the updated widget can be downloaded to the user.

    Also please tell me if there are any similar templates available for the 240x320 and 320x240.


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    Re: Version Check


    You are welcome!


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    Re: Version Check

    Hi krishcricket
    You should update the settings.js file.
    You should update lines
    var VERSION = "1.0";
    var UPDATE_URL = "demo/version.txt";
    var UPDATE_WIDGET_URL = "demo/UpdateDemo.wgz";

    In the version.txt you should just put in 1.1 and it should work fine. The app checks the number from version.txt file and compares it to the number stored in VERSION variable.

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