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    Series 40 On-device Debugger

    An early beta of the Series 40 On-device Debugger has been released. This tool enables Java applications to be debugged on the latest Series 40 devices from the NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs. It enables IDE independent user level trace as well.

    As the software is in beta it’s recommended that the release notes are reviewed before use. In addition, the following procedure is recommended for the debugger’s first use:
    • Create a simple Java application and check that it builds, runs in an appropriate Series 40 emulator, and then runs on a device.
    • Setup the debugger following the user guide instructions.
    • Run the application, the debugger should transfer the app to your device and run it.
    • Finally run the application in debug mode.

    When installing the debugger client application, transfer it to your device over a USB or Bluetooth connection or on a memory card. Using Ovi Suite to install the debugger client is not recommended as it may not install the application correctly.

    Please report any issues or general feedback via this thread. Any issues and feedback will be reviewed and considered for subsequent releases, even if you don’t receive a direct reply.

    Download the Series 40 On-Device Debugger here.

    Report bugs and give feedback here.
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