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    QCamera::Status vs QCamera::State ?

    While implementing QCamera I noticed 2 signals which describe camera status/state...

    void	stateChanged ( QCamera::State state )
    void	statusChanged ( QCamera::Status status )
    What is exactly the difference between these QCamera::State and QCamera::Status?

    - QCamera::Status has a QCamera::ActiveStatus value which is: "The camera has been started and can produce data. The viewfinder displays video frames in active state."

    - QCamera::State has a QCamera::ActiveState value which is: "In the active state as soon as camera is started the viewfinder displays video frames and the camera is ready for capture."

    I'm coding now a wrapper only for still images. In which situation should I emit a MyWrapper::canGetStillImage( true ); signal?

    1) QCamera status == QCamera::ActiveStatus AND state == QCamera::ActiveState
    2) QCamera status == QCamera::ActiveStatus OR state == QCamera::ActiveState


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    Re: QCamera::Status vs QCamera::State ?

    Looks that Status just has more states: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1...tml#State-enum

    I suppose the OR should work, but AND might be safer.

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    Re: QCamera::Status vs QCamera::State ?

    I agree this is one of the most confusing parts of the QCamera API;

    state = "The camera state requested by the application"
    status = "The actual state of the camera backend"

    Thus; Changing camera state eventually changes the camera status to the corresponding one.
    So you should follow the status in your application.

    Quoting QCameraControl documentation:
    "void QCameraControl::setState ( QCamera::State state ) [pure virtual]
    Sets the camera state.
    State changes are synchronous and indicate user intention, while camera status is used as a feedback mechanism to inform application about backend status. Status changes are reported asynchronously with QCameraControl::statusChanged() signal.
    See also state() and QCamera::State."

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    Re: QCamera::Status vs QCamera::State ?

    Hi witsku,

    Thnx for pointing this out!

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