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    ERROR: No Sources specified

    hi friends . ..
    i am working in symbian C++.... when i build my program in carbide .. i met the following error ...
    1. ERROR: No Sources specified
    2.make[1]: *** No rule to make target `\EPOC32\BUILD\workspace\charconv_fw\group\UTF7\WINSCW\UTF7.WINSCW'. Stop.
    anyone can say what is the reason for it?...........
    please help me...........

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    Re: ERROR: No Sources specified

    Check if the related .mmp file specifies sources.
    It is always a bit strange when "my program" is called charconv_fw, containing UTF7 sub-project. Note that Symbian^3 sources (that is my guess) might not build immediately with older SDK-s.

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    Re: ERROR: No Sources specified

    ok sir........thanks

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