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    Getting rid of the Exit command

    I've noticed that on the 7650 and 3650, the KVM always adds an Exit command to the menus of my MIDlet. This is very annonying since:
    1. it irritates users
    2. it closes the MIDlet without asking for confirmation
    3. it messes up the menu

    3 is the most important aspect, that's why I'm asking. I'm using a dialog "Are you sure?" and the user can answer with Yes or No. However, with the extra Exit command, there are then 3 menu commands and instead of having Yes on the left and No on the right Softkey, I get No on the right and on the left an "Options" menu, inside which there is the Yes and Exit command.

    On the Siemens S55 I don't see this kind of behaviour, is there a way to turn it off?

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    The only way I've seen to get rid of that is using a FullCanvas.

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