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    Question QML with Qt creator 4.6.3


    I am new to QML mixed with Qt creator,
    i have done several things on the Qt but now i need to do something more professional by improving my gui shape. So i need to implement the QML coding.
    i have surfed the web, and i found several examples but i didn't know how to import this .qml file into my C++ coding.

    Can anyone help me concerning this issue , or how to begin with a simple ( qml + Qt )project

    thanks in advance

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    Re: QML with Qt creator 4.6.3

    hello Rondo23

    The First Thing to know if QML or Qt Quick is in the box from Qt 4.7, so if you want to use that try the Latest Qt SDK 1.1 Beta which has everything you need.

    Secondly if you want to interact with c++ and QML code there is a class named QDeclarativeView please explore that and you will get methods and ways to do that.

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