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    Nokia 20/22 GSM-GSM connection

    Posted by Carlton Moore, carlton.moore@vse.co.uk
    on April 30, 2002 at 19:21

    I'm currently running tests on Nokia 22 units and can establish connections to PSTN and ISDN devices absolutely fine. The throughput seems good and I don't seem to get any (noticable) packet losses / corruption etc.

    However, I cannot establish a reliable connection between 2 Nokia22's for the life of me. I've tried just about every V.34/V.110/V.120 setting, compression settings etc that I can think of (or at least find in the manuals). In all cases the call is established fine, but the actual data throughput is, at best, flakey.




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    RE: Nokia 20/22 GSM-GSM connection

    Please consult your service provider. The HSCSD commands are described in Nokia 22 AT command list. Refer to commands CHSN and CBST.

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    M2M developer support team

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