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    In-App-Purchase availability and work arounds?


    I want to sell content license valid for limited time (or content amount).

    Example: Buy a license valid for one year for my J2ME app with server access and be able to renew it from within the app.

    Is this possible (similar to Apples InAppPurchase)?
    If not, how can I do this as my app got rejected with time limited license.

    thank you

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    Re: In-App-Purchase availability and work arounds?

    No can do. Last fall Nokia did announce that in-app purchase support would be coming to Ovi Store, but so far it isn't available yet.

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    Re: In-App-Purchase availability and work arounds?

    We're facing a similar challenge for creating an in-app sales mechanism. One thing you could do is something like EA does with its console sports games: create annuals. So in the OVI store each year you release an update (with new server credentials) "MyApp 2010" , "MyApp 2011", etc... When a user signs in a year after they first signed in you can forward them to your current year app on the OVI store in the phone's browser.

    Browser->OVI Store is sort of an in-app mechanism. Not as clean as iTunes Connect, but not as bad as having to sideload. One thing I should say though is I don't know if this will clear QA. In Q4 2009 I submitted an app with a function labeled "MyApp Store" Selecting the menu option opened the browser to a custom page on our server which showed available add-ons. Selecting an add-on would forward the user the the products OVI page. It was a major challenge to get the passive content SISX files through OVI QA and in the end the app was rejected because of the store function.

    In a few weeks 'm going to try the same thing again. I'm hoping now it's 18 months later and iOS has in-app that does this, OVI will accept it.

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