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    We did not get paid for February?

    Hi all,

    We made 300 Euros in February so we should receive the money but we did receive any thing so we mailed support team and after two days they respond to us and they told us that our bank account information was not correct
    Here is the issue detail:
    Please Check Which Is The Correct Bank Account. The Previous Bank Account Number Is: ------------------.Please Provide The Correct Bank Code. The Bank Code For Egypt Is The Swift Code.
    but I did not understand what the bank account information should be , there are 2 mandatory data

    Branch code , account number,

    from there mail i should enter the swift code in the branch code cell, is that right?

    did anybody faced a problem like this before?

    Thank you

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    Re: We did not get paid for February?

    Yes, no mater what information I put in their form they were not satisfied. After taking the form into the bank, no less than 3 times, for them to verify the information was correct. (Do yourself a favor and take a screen shot of the Ovi bank account information page, print it off and take it into the bank for them to fill out) I sent a stern letter to support explaining that the numbers I submitted were the *ONLY* numbers available and that I wanted to be contacted by the manager to straiten it all out, they then magically made the numbers work....
    Mind you I still haven't been paid.... What day of the month are the payments typically made?
    They were also whining about the bank code with me, here in Canada we dont even use "bank codes" nor swift codes....
    Good luck!

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    Re: We did not get paid for February?

    well i never had any problem with bank account on ovi and im registered since a year+ ago and got paid on regular basis.
    if you dont know what to fill just go to your banker with the form and ask him what goes where...

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