Hello All,

I have an app that I have localized into Spanish and English. I followed the documentation for Qt to make the app automatically change to Spanish if the phones native language is Spanish and vise versa for English. Ovi allows you to add your translated description, banner, etc to the same content item so thats what I did.
I am wondering now if that was the best approach, I have no way of knowing if a Spanish speaking person bought my app or not.
I noticed zero increase in sales when I released the localized version with the localized descriptions... This makes me wonder if localization is worth it?
I also wonder if it would make more sense to just release 2 separate content items, one for Spanish and one for English, this would at least give me an indication if anybody is even buying the Spanish version...

What you folks do with your localized apps on Ovi to maximize your exposure?
Any thoughts on this are appreciated!