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    Icon dpi and design questions

    I need to design some 5800 icons, I know that they icons are supposed to be 64x64 dp, but what is the dpi that I should be using? 72dpi? 160dpi?
    Also I am unable to find a guide for designing icons using Nokia guidelines such as gradients, drop-shadows etc.
    Can anyone point me to the right place? Thank you.

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    Re: Icon dpi and design questions

    hello this threads may be useful to you.

    there are threads on this topic..like




    Go through it.

    Hope this will helpful to you.
    nayan trivedi.

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    Re: Icon dpi and design questions

    Thanks for those, but I was unable to find what the icon screen dp should be. Any other resources? It doesn't seemt to be anywhere that I have searched on the forum.

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