Hi, I'm getting the following error from elf2e32:

line 727
elf2e32 : Error: E1066: Image failed validation

The invocation looks like this:
elf2e32 --sid=0xDEADBEEF --stack=80000 --heap=500000 6400000 --vid=0x0 --uid1=0x1000007a --uid2=0x100039CE --uid3=0xDEADBEEF --capability=NONE --dlldata --defoutput=OGLESInitialization.def --fpu=softvfp --targettype=EXE --output=dist/gcce/OGLESInitialization.EXE --elfinput=obj/gcce/OGLESInitialization.EXE --linkas=OGLESInitialization{00010001}[DEADBEEF].EXE --libpath=C:\Nokia\devices\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.9\Epoc32\RELEASE\ARMV5\LIB
I'm using the makefile build system suggested here (with some fixes):


I've stepped through the Makefile+config.mk+defines.mk as well as a Project.GCCE with GCCE.mk, and the linking (LD) and elf2e32 stages look the same.

You can find the project here:


The sample is from the PowerVR SDK (OpenGL ES 1.1), the first tutorial:


Any help would be appreciated.