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    Carbide.ui 3.4 for N97 themes

    Hi everybody!
    One year ago i created a theme for my n97 (s60 5th edition). Since i lost the file, i have to create it again, so now i have to install all the stuff back.
    At that time i used Carbide.ui 3.4 + N97 plugin + some compilers pack i downloaded with the plugin (i installed all this stuff with a pdf guide)
    Now, i managed to get everything again around the net, except for the compilers that i can't find anywhere (original download link from here seems to be dead)

    So what can i do to create again themes for my n97? Do i have to download another version of carbide or something else?
    SOrry if the question is dumb

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    Re: Carbide.ui 3.4 for N97 themes

    Hello friend,

    Well, a whole lot of things has been changed to Carbide.ui in past 1 year. I doubt you can find any separate compiler for N97 plug-in. What you need to do now is,
    Download and Install C.ui Symbian 4.0 tool + N97 plug-in then create your N97 specific theme. No need to search for separate compiler anymore.

    To download C.ui Symbian 4.0 Tool:
    To download N97 Plug-in

    Happy N97 theming

    ~Br, Phoneyguy

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