Hi, I am trying to create a Hierarchical list in WML.
I have sort of got it working, but not how I would want too.

this is what I am using at the moment: -

<card title="Music">
<select name="name" title="Downloads">
<optgroup title="Music Singles">
<option value="html" >Old Love</option>
<option value="css">Purple Haze</option>
<optgroup title="Music Videos">
<option value="xml">Bed Bugs</option>
<option value="xsl">The Game</option>
<p align = "center">
<do type="accept" label="What's On">
<go href="#Answer"/>
<a href="#Third">Continue</a>
<a href="#Fifth">[Contact Us]</a>
<a href="#First">[Go to Start]</a>

<card id="card2" title="Answer">
You selected: $(name)

It works just how I want it to after the user clicks on the list, they get presented with two categories Music Singles and Music Video; with the user being able to go in to either of them and make their selection.
But Currently the user first sees the first item in the list, in this case it shows 'Old Love'But what I want it to do is to display the two categories as soon as the page loads.

Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong and tell me how to do it.