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    Exclamation QML Flickable Element performance


    I've been experimenting with the QML's flickable element, but when running applications on a Symbian^1 device (5230) I get a very poor performance. Even a single text element with no more than 15 lines of text scrolls like if there were too much friction.

    I have tried varying the flickDeceleration and maximumFlickVelocity properties but it has not made any difference.

    The app is going to run on Symbian^3, but I don't have a S^3 device to test, and have these questions:

    -Is there something I can do to improve performance on Symbian^1 ?
    -Can somebody confirm if this performance issue exists on Symbian^3 devices ?

    I'm loading QML using QDeclarativeView.

    Any help or comment greatly appreciated.

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    Re: QML Flickable Element performance

    The reason for the poor performance was that the flickable element was declared over a rectangle with an opacity different than 1 (the default). If the opacity specification is removed from the background rectangle, the flickable element performs well. This only affects performance when in portrait mode.

    I guess Symbian^3 devices don't suffer from this.

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