I don't know if this post belongs here, as it's about both QML and QMobility.

I successfully accessed rotation and accelerometer data with QML, but I'm currently struggling with AmbientLightSensor and ProximitySensor.

There are enough examples of accessing sensor data with Qt/C++, but QML seems different.

I do something like this:
Item {
    id: sensor
    signal lightChanged    (int reading)
    onLightChanged: {

    AmbientLightSensor {
        active: true
        onReadingChanged: {
            sensor.lightChanged (reading)
But I get all 0's in the console, although I change ambient light values in the simulator.
Same with the phone: the values don't seem to change.

The documentation doesn't help much, as the only thing it says is "The AmbientLightSensor element wraps the QAmbientLightSensor class".

So what would be the proper way to access AmbienLightSensor from QML?