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    Lightbulb I have a problem with XMLHttpRequest in JS

    The proble is XMLHttpRequest is working with just explorer. I used XMLHttpRequest in my applications in Ovi for updating. But now they arent working. How can I slve this problem. Is not browsers supporting XMLHttpRequest anymore? What can I use for reading a html API's response with JS for WRT Widget.

    I downloaded Widget XMLHttpRequest(from here). It's not working too.

    function httpRequest()
    var oRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();
    var sURL = "http:/localhost/dovizservice.aspx?i=doviz&kod=usd&tip=1";


    if (oRequest.status==200){
    return oRequest.responseText;
    return "NOK Httprequest Error.!";
    return e;

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    Re: I have a problem with XMLHttpRequest in JS

    The example should work just fine, though I'm not so certain on the Url you are using, thus can you exaplain on what is that url supposed to point to ?

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