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    how to create waveform display from audio file

    hi all, i am developing a mobile music editor application using j2me,

    and i want to add waveform display into my screen,

    anyone hav an idea how to put that into my application.

    since from what i can find there is one that using j2SE but when i want to put it into my coding, the library is not there (java sound library)

    so please anyone can help me?

    thx in advanced

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    Re: how to create waveform display from audio file

    any suggestion about this? because from what i can find, it is possible to implement into mobile.

    but when i do some research on it, there is java SE code that can be used to build this display, unfortunately they are using some library that can't be found in J2me,

    some likes: getframelength(), getsamplerate() method.

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