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    [Announce] TrackEmAll 0.2 and others


    Some time ago I wrote an application for mobile tracking in PyS60 and recenty published it as TrackEmAll on Nokia's projects site. There is also a simple daemon written in Twisted, trackemd for data gathering and distribution. This code definitely needs cleanup, better packaging and more to be usable for end users. Anyway, it for sure can be used for reference purposes.

    I implemented the following schemes:
    - it runs different modules on different platforms. Configuration is read dynamically for each platform and appropriate modules are loaded. For example, it can load XML-RPC and location simulator on PC, SMS and GPS on S60 etc.
    - it uses my own build system for source packaging, distribution and running (experimental)
    - sms remote control is implemented by shell executing commands, some of which require authentication (implemented imei or password)

    The build system is called Symbiant and is based on Apache Ant. I use PyDev environment for my work and I needed a declarative way to specify build process. It uses Ensymble tool for source packaging. If you manage it to work, it can also deploy and run scripts on target device and emulator. For this, I ported remote python call library RPyC and wrote s60ctl - remote control client for PC and s60rpycd - daemon for S60. s60rpycd in turn uses pyrun to launch appropriate script on device. Again this code will be rather difficult to deploy.

    by the way, I ported appuifw2 to PyS60 2.0

    If anybody is interested in helping me - mainly in testing and packaging, some of this apps can be made to work out of box.

    Oviously, it uses smswatch module for remote control functionality
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