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Thread: Walkie-Talkie

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    Cool Walkie-Talkie

    i am creating Bluetooth walkie-talkie.
    For that i need speech recognization feature in j2me.

    when the client speaks the word "over" for ex,then the voice should be transmitted to server.
    Otherwise i have to put Button when pressed,voice should be sent,
    but it seems not flexible.

    i heard about FreeTTS on google ,does it support in j2me?

    or suggest other ideas that can work for this application.

    please help urgently.

    Thanking You all.

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    Re: Walkie-Talkie

    FreeTTS ( http://freetts.sourceforge.net/docs/index.php ) seems like it requires "full" Java (J2SE), and won't work as-is on J2ME. Quite possible that it can't be made to work at all. So, instead of automating the switching of the audio direction via voice recognition, you have to have the user also press a button (like on a regular walkie-talkie).

    You could run FreeTTS on a server, though, but that would not be very practical (you'd have to route all audio through the network, which isn't very handy, if you want a local Bluetooth-based walkie-talkie app.

    Anyway, as the Bluetooth radio transmission/reception range is about 10 meters (30 feet), in most situations it is enough to speak up a bit for the other party to hear you.

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