Like topic says, I'm thinking to host my code in FN Projects. Software will be public, everyone can see code and then to use it if want. Is there problem when my application is done with client-server architecture, client side is made with Qt and server side is Symbian code. This also means the server part is packaged to own sis, and it will need more capabilities than client. All is bundled to one SIS file, server sis is embedded to client SIS.

But to my main question; how I should proceed if/when I want to publish in Ovi Store ?

1) Is there way to publish freeware/public applications from FN Projects to Ovi Store ?
2) or do I need register my self as publisher and use that way ?
3) is there problem when Qt application SIS has embedded symbian code SIS ?

One way could be just hosting code in Projects section but application needs more than user granted capabilities so signing of sis would be nice. Otherwise all who want to use should sign SIS-files somehow.