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    Angry Geolocation library crashing WRT app

    I'm developing a fairly complex app using jquery, google maps and a remote web service. Apart from being a little slow, everything is ok, apart from the following code, which causes an immediate crash without error message inside the app. Commenting / disabling geolocation lets the app run as normal. Any ideas..?


    It works well in testing, but on the device..

    anyone using this library succesfully on wrt 1.1 and above..?

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    Re: Geolocation library crashing WRT app

    Hi danpeddle and welcome to the forum!

    I just tested it with N8 with most recent firmware and it worked OK - at least I got the location.
    What you might want to do is to adjust the Symbian specific part in the geo.js to have a bit longer timeout value. At the moment it is using 15 secs, which is usually not enough in indoors.



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