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    Silent Install Returns KSWInstErrSecurityFailure on S60 3.2

    Hi Everybody.

    I'm using the silent install example http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...silentinst.zip with S60 3rd FP2 1.1 SDK and an S60 3.2 phone (6790 Surge).

    I've been having a couple problems.

    I inferred from the source code that it wants to download the sisx file from a website prior to installation, so I signed the included siltest.sis with my cert17 certificate (has TrustedUI) and posted a copy on my personal site, and changed the _LIT containing the URL in the SilentInstEngine.cpp ..

    I signed the silent install app with the same certificate.. so I should be able to use any capabilities except DRM, ALLFILES, and TCB.

    When I choose download&install in the demo app, a dialog pops up saying it downloaded the file to e:\download .. the same kind of dialog that would have popped up if I had downloaded the sisx using the browser. So that is problem #1: I expected the download to be silent, and it wasn't.

    After that, the program crashed with KERN-EXEC 3.

    I read that one possible fix for this is to increase the stacksize in the mmp file, so I added "EPOCSTACKSIZE 0x5000" and indeed, it stopped crashing with that error, but my sis file wasnt getting installed.

    I then decided to bypass the download part and just try the install, so I copied my sisx to the phone at a known location and added an "Install" menu option that simply calls the SilInstall() member of the install engine.

    The part where the magic is supposed to happen:

    iOptions.iUpgrade = SwiUI::EPolicyNotAllowed;
    iOptions.iOCSP = SwiUI::EPolicyNotAllowed;
    iOptions.iDrive = 'C';
    iOptions.iUntrusted = SwiUI::EPolicyNotAllowed;
    iOptions.iCapabilities = SwiUI::EPolicyNotAllowed;
    iOptionsPckg = iOptions;
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( waiter );

    after that code executes, waiter->iStatus.Int() is -30475 which is KSWInstErrSecurityFailure . Since then, I have tried installing to E instead of C with the same result. I have also tried setting iOptions.iUntrusted to SwiUI::EPolicyAllowed, and no luck there either.

    Finally, I tried both of the above, and tried to install Nokia's CameraWrapper.sisx which happens to be signed with all capabilities, and not even that one would install! I always get the same KSWInstErrSecurityFailure error.

    Can anyone provide some insight into this issue?


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    Re: Silent Install Returns KSWInstErrSecurityFailure on S60 3.2

    You could try a non-silent install, just to see if the messages say something useful.

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    Re: Silent Install Returns KSWInstErrSecurityFailure on S60 3.2


    I got the install to work by setting iOptions.iCapabilities = SwiUI::EPolicyAllowed;

    That wouldn't suppress the download dialog, but I don't need that functionality at this point anyway. If I did though, I think I could download the file silently using an http session.

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