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    Is setGain working on Series 60 phones?

    I've tried to use setGain() to set volume of my wav-files as instructed in the specs. This works fine in the emulator, but unfortunately both 7650 and 3650 crash when I try to play the sound after using setGain.
    Has anybody been able to use successfully setGain, or is this a bug in the VM?


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    Yeah, I got it to work on the 3650 I have, without it the sounds were too quiet to hear. Funnily enough I cant use the emulator with these sounds at all becasue I get a "sound format not supported" error. Anyone else have this problem with te Series 60 emulator?

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    I'm also having problems with setGain().

    I can get it to work for WAV files on the emulator but not on the
    phone (7650). On the phone, I get an application error, which
    cause the MIDlet to quit - though this could be because the
    error occurs in initialisation.

    For ringtone data, the setGain() method has no effect on the
    volume on the emulator but
    on the phone the sound simply will not play after any
    setGain() call, but getGain() returns precisely what I set it at.

    I haven't got a clue - but it certainly is not behaving for me
    as it should.

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