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    Question Using Bluetooth OBEX

    Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble using the OBEX protocol in python.

    How exactly is bt_obex_receive() meant to be used? I understand its arguments
    and everything, but i dont understand how to use it. If OBEX Push protocol is used
    on the server phone, bt_obex_receive() on the client seems pointless as the file
    is actually pushed to the client, regardless of whatever code is running on the
    client phone.

    If it isnt very clear what i mean, please say and ill try to explain it a different way.


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    Re: Using Bluetooth OBEX

    We should make a difference between the OBEX protocol and the OBEX Push Profile (OPP). OPP runs on OBEX (and OBEX can run on RFCOMM or IrDA). OPP is the service that allows transferring files, contacts via Bluetooth.
    Sending with PyS60 a file using OPP works very well - see the book chapter http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph.../ZZ._Bluetooth (it has code sample, etc). In this case indeed bt_obex_receive() is useless.
    Sending with PyS60 a file using non-OPP OBEX seems to be a bit buggy. Here you would need to use on the receiver bt_obex_receive(), as well.

    Best regards.

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