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    Web application on S40


    I have installed Nokia Web SDK 1.1.0 on PC . I have created sample project, its works on simulator. I have to test this sample project on s40 device .
    (Nokia X3-02
    V 05.68
    I have installed ovi browser (Version : on device. When i installed .wgt file on divce ,its shows file format not supported,
    What should i do?

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    Re: Web application on S40

    I could be wrong, but as far as I recall, Nokia has not (yet?) released any Series 40 devices with web run-time app support.

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    Re: Web application on S40

    As mentioed in post #2 it is not yet public. Anyway just for your information , the way you are trying to deploy the app in device is not the rght way. You will get all the informaion along with the SDK doc once it is released.

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