I finished my Qt application for Symbian and want to publish it to OVI store.
I also want to participate in the "Calling All Inovators 10M" contest which ends next week.

According to the contest website applications developed with Qt SDK 1.1 Beta and Qt 4.7.2 can be submitted.
My question is: how?

As far as i know Smart Installer does not support Qt 4.7.2. at the moment. So what executable do I have to upload to Ovi store?
Just the bare application.sis file with the developer certificate or the completely unsigned application_unsigned.sis?

When trying to use Smart Installer (via Qt Creator checkbox) and with the developer certificate I get an application_installer.sis. Shall I submit this although it produces an error on my Nokia N8 when trying to install it ("Device not supported").

Thanks for any quick help.