I am new in wrt, so please excuse me, if this problem was already solved (I have not found anything)
(and for my english)

I am writting application using guarana. In Nokia 5800 (and all touchable devices) works fine.
But in C5 i have found strange behaviour in all components using click event.
Event handler is executed two times. Responsibilty for this behaviour has part (from checkbox.js f.e.)

wrapper.bind('click.checkbox', action);
Nokia.util.bindEnter(wrapper, action);

For nontouch devices I am using cursor navigation. For example, If I check checkbox by "middle confirm button", then
event is called two times - first execution make check and second uncheck It is fired onClick and "onEnter " event.

If I remove Nokia.util.bindEnter(wrapper, action); works fine.

Now, it is bug or I missed something?

Thanks for your advice