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    Smile Qt mobility 1.1.1


    I have Nokia Qt sdk installed. Can I integrate Qt mobility 1.1.1 into it ? Even if I'am able to integrate, would smart installer and OVI support it ? I want to use the new map apis. If fact I have written a map component of my own. That works well. But the issue is that there are licensing issues in using google services. Then the OVI map services are not meant to be invoked directly though it is possible and it works fine. But there is no guarantee that it will be the same URL in future. Open Street Map is not comparable to OVI maps or Google maps. So I want to go the official way.

    In short I would like to know if I can build the application with Nokia Qt sdk and Qt mobility 1.1.1 with the new map apis and still put it on OVI store.


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    Re: Qt mobility 1.1.1

    You can once the final release of the SDK is out, currently not yet.

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