In my old Nokia E71 I could create a SIP profile and then use the built-in Internet Telephony tool to make VoIP calls.

However, in my new Nokia E7-00, there is no built-in tool like Intenet Telephony of Nokia E71. So, I downloaded the Symbian^3 SIP VoIP 3.1 Settings from http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._Settings.html and installed it on my new phone. After defining a SIP profile successfully, I am not able to understand which other parameters I need to configure in Advance VoIP settings to get it working. The SIP profile gets registered with my service-provider successfully.

In the Admin Settings -> Net Settings -> Advanced VoIP Settings -> VoIP Services -> Used SIP Profiles, it shows the same SIP profile that I created which is already successfully registered with my service-provider. However, when I try to make an internet-call, I get an error saying "No connections defined for <VoIP service name>".

Please help.

// Prats