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    QNetworkAccessManager & setConfiguration


    I have big problems with networkManager->setConfiguration(conf) on Symbian 3, Qt 4.7.2, Qt Mobility 1.1.0 (also on 1.1.1).

    My app sends some http requests from my phone to the server, which is seen only on gprs network and not on any wireless network.

    first case:
    If the wireless connection is not active at the time when my Qt app starts, it's ok. app successfully establishes gprs connection and the
    http request is done.

    second case:
    I connect to the wireless access point, and do some browsing with web browser on the phone.
    Then I start my Qt app on the phone(wireless connection is still active).
    App tries to do the http request, but the request never gets to the server, cause it seems that even though I set the
    network configuration to my gprs network (networkManager->setConfiguration(conf)), the wireless network is used for http request.

    Any clue what should I do to make this work?

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    Re: QNetworkAccessManager & setConfiguration

    Basically, when wlan connection is alive, I am not able to force my app to use the gprs connection instead of wlan.

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