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    Linking problem with extension library in Qt


    I have been develpoing applications in Qt using NokiaQtSDK. Now, I have to use an extension library (let's call it xyz.lib) which is supposed to work with NokiaQtSDK. I have put the xyz.lib in "\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\ARMV5\urel\" and xyz.h in "\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\include" folder.

    When I try to use any function belonging to xyz..lib in my application (which works fine otherwise) gives following linking error.

    \NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\ARMV5\urel\xyz.lib(xyz.o).ARM.extab+0xe4): undefined reference to `typeinfo for std::bad_alloc'

    Can someone please help me solve this problem. By googling on this error I understand that it could be due to different GCC version used for building xzy.lib and what is on my system... but not sure.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Linking problem with extension library in Qt

    Believe it or not, catching bad_alloc made this linker error disappear for me when using an "extension" library.

    Xyz* xyz = new Xyz();
    // ...
    catch (const std::bad_alloc&)
    // Error handling here...

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    Re: Linking problem with extension library in Qt


    The problem is in GCCE compiler. If library was compiled with RVCT.

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