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Thread: C7-00_01 and Qt

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    C7-00_01 and Qt

    Our Symbian^3/Qt app just got through Ovi Store QA, but there was a comment:

    NOTE: Qt content is not compatible with Nokia C7-00_1, therefore the device is left pending. Qt supported device list can be found from http://www.forum.nokia.com/Distribut...ml#article1_a.
    If I have understood right, C7-00_01 is just a T-Mobile branded version of C7, also known as Nokia Astound, and I am fairly sure it supports Qt. However it is not listed as a supported device in above page and so it is left pending until someone updates list of supported devices.

    Has anyone else had this?

    Just sounds weird, that new device is left without quite a pile of apps.

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    Re: C7-00_01 and Qt

    Yep, I see this with my Qt apps too... With any luck all the devices that can run Qt apps will be added in the future...
    You see the list of OVI supported devices here: https://www.forum.nokia.com/Distribu..._signing.xhtml

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    Re: C7-00_01 and Qt

    same here... and seems like the QA gets halted for 24 hours or so, because of the C7-00_1. But I think it's worth the wait if the app is automatically available to that device once it supports QT apps...

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