Hello everyone!

My project is creating a mobile payment application with NFC.We bought a reader (Obid Classic-pro(HF) ID Cpr40.30-usb) and Mifare tags. I am using Mifare DESFire because i think it is the most adequate transponder for payment. My problem is i am not able to run the DESFire commands because of the crypto processing errors. According to my reader’s manual, the reason of error is transponder. Desfire error codes which i am getting is usually 0x9D, 0xA0, 0x1C. I am using AES keys for authentication. I will send a video to you (The link is below). I am doing the same things exactly with the man in the video but he can run read and write processes successfully, i can’t because of the errors that i mentioned before.

http://www.trikker.fi/downloads/Desfire EV1_Tutorial_640x480.mp4

If you have any idea about my problem and its solution, please contact and help me.