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    SQLite database and QML

    Hi All,
    I'm currently writing an app that needs to read an SQLite db. Can anyone tell me where I can find some example code to do this? I have found one brief example but it doesn't explain where to store the DB in the project structure.



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    Re: SQLite database and QML

    Here's some info:

    Offline Storage API

    As mentioned there, you can use the QDeclarativeEngine :: offlineStoragePath() function to get the path.

    On Windows, it defaults to "C:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Local Settings/Application Data/Nokia/QtSimulator/data/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases/"

    On Symbian devices I believe it is "QML/OfflineStorage/Databases"

    It can be changed, though.

    When you create a database (from QML) two files are created, the actual database file, and an INI file. The name of the files is the MD5 of the database name you specified.

    Do some tests, and you will have a better understanding of this.

    Good luck.
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