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    Nokia 3310 - Smart Messaging compatibility

    I'm addressing this message to Official Nokia Support Team.

    I was researching some things using my Nokia 3310. My Nokia firmware versions are at the bottom of the list. I'm sending all the data connecting directly to providers mail server using sockets an sending raw data (I have a good working method). I have some questions for You.

    1) I can directly get "tune" sending
    //SCKL1581 data
    //SCKL158A1581010x0y data

    But my Nokia 3310 which I recently bought doesn't play it. I push play and it just shows playing screen for 0.3sec, phone does vibrate and that's all. No sound. I've tried to send it to 6210 in both described ways (multi and single part) and it works.

    2) I can send picture message or logo to 6210 (in multipart) directly and it shows it. I can successfully forward picture message to my Nokia 3310. But I can't DIRECTLY send it to Nokia 3310.

    3) I'm experiencing troubles with sending 72x28 picture messages using multipart messages splitted into more than 3 parts. Nokia 6210 says "Message is too long to display" (or something similar). Nokia 3310 receives it but nothing happens (I put my phone near speakers and heard incoming transmission).

    4) Can you please supply approximate date when You'll open SMS 4.0 or at least new 3.x specifications mentioning and describing port 158A, animated graphic message support for new Nokia models.

    5) Which is the latest available firmware for Nokia 3310, 6210. Are You going to publish "Changes" in your new firmware versions in near future?

    Here are phone specifications:

    Nokia 3310:

    I'm very unsatisfied with this firmware since it's very buggy, I discovered at least 3 bugs (not counting SMS related ones).

    Nokia 6210:
    V 05.27
    (C) NMP.

    I like Nokia. I believe that sometime You'll achieve what you advertise (movies on the screen ). Thanks, I count on You.

    Posted by Anatoly Ropotov, lynx@romov.net
    on February 14, 2002 at 13:32

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    RE: Nokia 3310 - Smart Messaging compatibility

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on February 18, 2002 at 10:14

    1) I don't know why you might be having these problems. I suggest you contact the Club Nokia Careline nearest you for this first question.

    Please refer to the appropriate web pages for more details:

    Nokia Care Asia-Pacific:

    Club Nokia Careline in Europe and Africa:

    NokiaUSA Support:

    2) logo to 6210 OK, logo to 3310 NOK: I didn't quite understand what your "Direct" connection was. Is your phone receiving the logos over the air, or straight over a data connection e.g. using data cable/IR? The configuration of Nokia data connections is Nokia proprietary information which is not available publicly.

    3) The graphic message max length is 3 SMS. If the received message is longer,
    the phone cannot display the message.

    4) The next SmartMessaging spex are due out sometime this coming summer.

    5) latest available firmware for Nokia 3310 is 4.45.01, compiled 04-07-01. That seems to be slightly newer than your firmware, but I can't find that there should be any significant changes, especially related to the things you're asking about.
    6210 latest firmware is 5.56, compiled 01-02-02.

    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    RE: Nokia 3310 - Smart Messaging compatibility

    Hi Anatoli,

    did you resolve this? I have had the same sort of problems. With 3330, the RTTTL works on a 6310 but does what yours does on a 3330 or 3210.

    Also I notice that sending a vcard works on 3330 , 3210 and not on the 6310 when sent using the CIMD smart messaging format. All seems to be OK sending phone to phone.

    I have been advised to get my 3330 firmware V04.30 20-08-01 updated to the latest (04.50) .... so the saga goes on.

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