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Thread: Touch events

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    Smile Touch events

    Does touch events work on the Qt simulator ? I thought, mouse actions will trigger touch events on the simulatior. But it seems it doesn't. But the mouse events themselves are invoked. Is there any other way to test touch events and gestures on the simulator ? I would also like to know how the mouse events behave on the phone. Are the mouse events invoked only in the simulator or are they invoked on the phone in response to a touch ?


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    Re: Touch events

    Hi Jaak,
    The touch event in phone is the same as the mouse event in the Qt simulator. What ever behaviour (drag, single click, double click, tap and hold, etc...) one application will show in the simulator for mouse event the same behaviour will be shown for touch in phone.

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    Re: Touch events

    Thanks for the response. So the mouse events are invoked on the phone in response to touch. I was wondering where does the QTouchEvent class even fits in.

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