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    Speeding up touch input.

    I'm developing a flash lite streaming media application on various Nokia s60 devices that needs keyboard input at times.

    Unfortunately Flash Lite 3.x pauses the application (and therefore the stream) when the system keyboard is invoked. This is not acceptable for the application.

    I have, therefore, been trying to implement my own on-screen keyboard but the input is painfully slow. I'm already using mouse coordinates instead of buttons as it's faster but it's still too slow, so if there are other tips anyone can offer I'd really appreciate them.

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    Re: Speeding up touch input.

    Hi linternet,
    I did few tests with movieClips and onRelease function to create a on-screen keyboard and i am not able to find any such delay in N97 mini(running Flash Lite 3.0). Are you packaging your swf into a WRT? or testing in a standalone flash player? because there is a delay factor in touch events when you embed your swf into a WRT in S60 v5 phones. To help you further, i attached a version of the tested on-screen keyboard below :
    Hope it helps..

    Best Regards,

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