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    Java ME USB Connection buffer

    Hi everyone,

    I'm developing an application for a nokia C1 that has s40. i'm using the CommConnection to open a connection to the USB comm = (CommConnection) Connector.open("comm:USB1) and it works alright with the input and output stream. The problem is that data sent to the port gets buffered in the cellphone, so when the device in which i connect it loses power and restarts the data sent by the USB is not the new data it needs to send, its the past that. I use flush and close for the input stream, but it doesn't seem to erase the buffer from the port. Is there a way to clean the buffer from the phone so that the new data sent is accurate??
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Java ME USB Connection buffer

    Create a new connection everytime and try.
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    Re: Java ME USB Connection buffer

    hi im2amit,

    Thanks for your advice, but it still saves the data in some kind of buffer. I have 2 midlets that use the USB port. When i write in one of them, turn off the power of the usb device i'm connecting it, send data and then close the midlet the data gets buffered. Open the second midlet and send data, the data received by the device is the one sent from the first midlet. I'm inferring it gets buffered in the output port of the phone. I try opening a new connection on each time but has the same effect. So i still need to find a way to clear the phone's port buffer. I haven't find a way using java me to clear that buffer.

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