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    How to volume up my application?


    Im developing a Qt 4.7.2 / QtMobility 1.1.1 app for symbian, and I'm showing a video. Anyway the volume is too low.

    I tried with

    QMediaPlayer *player=new QMediaPlayer(this);
    but did not help.

    Any idea?


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    Re: How to volume up my application?

    Most likely there is no way to alter this. There might be some low level solution but I would not suggest such to you.

    Basically the volume level is alterable by the user, so overriding that is not suggested.

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    Re: How to volume up my application?

    When I mean low volume i mean very low. With the standard player they sound quite louder.

    Actaully I tried with several values for this player->setVolume and no there is change at all.

    Do I have to use other methods?


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    Re: How to volume up my application?

    SetVolume() should be called after media file opening, not before that. If you put SetVolume() between m_mediaObject->setCurrentSource() and m_mediaObject->play(); - it will work.

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