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    CAudioOutput how to use earphones?

    I downloaded and installed the Audio routing API, now i need to use it, but i'm not an expert in symbian, I need to change the audio output channel from external speakers to earphones, How can i do that?? I tried in this way:

    MMdaAudioOutputStreamCallback aCallBack;
    CMdaAudioOutputStream* OutputStream = CMdaAudioOutputStream::NewL(aCallBack);

    MAudioOutputObserver aObserver;

    CAudioOutput::TAudioOutputPreference myOutputPref = CAudioOutput::EPrivate;

    CAudioOutput* iAudioOutput = CAudioOutput::NewL(*OutputStream);
    iAudioOutput->RegisterObserverL(aObserver );

    it returns me the errors:

    cannot declare variable 'aCallBack' to be of abstract type 'MMdaAudioOutputStreamCallback'
    cannot declare variable 'aObserver' to be of abstract type 'MAudioOutputObserver'

    How can i fix it?

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    Re: CAudioOutput how to use earphones?

    M-classes are interfaces in Symbian C++. You have to inherit from them, and implement the methods, they are callbacks. After that the given entity (like the audio stream in this case) will notify you about its state transitions via invoking those methods.

    You can find audio streaming examples: Library above, Code examples, Symbian C++, Multimedia.

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