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    Question One way audio issue when calling to/from Betamax PC native client

    Hello all

    I have an interesting issue with SIP on my N95: I have no problem calling from my N95 to land lines or phone lines via Betmax services, but I get one way audio when calling from my N95 to the Betamax PC client (Betamax PC client can hear audio, N95 can't hear any audio).

    I have done some tests with the below results:
    - calling from Betamax PC client to N95 has the same result: no audio on N95
    - the same issue occurs if I connect through Wifi or 3G. With wifi I am behind a NAT but with 3G I believe I am not.
    - the same issue occurs with or without STUN server
    - Betamax's mobile VOIP app has the same issue

    I have seen several one way audio issues with Nokia VOIP client on different forums but I could not find a solution to my problem. Which other tests could I perform to further troubleshoot the issue?

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

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    Re: One way audio issue when calling to/from Betamax PC native client

    Toss wireshark on the computer (or a node along the routing path) and sniff the traffic. It almost sounds like a reinvite problem. If you're seeing trouble to only one client in only one path, it's definitely some kind of routing issue.

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